Anywhere Case

Product Story 

The Anywhere Case is an agile work tool that allows you to work more effectively in different working environments or locations. It provides a personal area to organise your desk top efficiently, especially in shared working environments which focus on activity based working. It is a compact and lightweight solution, ideal for carrying work essentials from locker to desk, and desk to meeting room. Perfectly proportioned, Anywhere Case is small enough for some essentials, but not too big to become a case for everything.

Anywhere Case

Workplace Evolution 

The workplace is changing. Traditional, habitual working practices once integral to the workplace now risk constraining the contemporary worker. Activity Based or nomadic working is gathering momentum among businesses seeking to improve productivity, whilst enabling employees to achieve their desired work/life blend. This evolution of the workspace, as well as the new technologies and information required for daily tasks, are key motivators in the design of the Anywhere Case.


Compact and Durable 

Weighing less than 1kg, the Anywhere Case is compact and lightweight. Manufactured by thermoforming EVA fabric mouldings, the same processes involved in manufacturing American football padding, results in a lightweight yet hardwearing product. Able to store up to 4kg in weight the Anywhere Case allows all the workplace essentials such as laptop, tablet, mobile, documents and stationery to be easily transported with you.


Simple and Stylish 

Available in black with a choice of Green, Red or Grey lining, Anywhere Case is as stylish as it is practical. As with all Herman Miller products, the Anywhere Case is made from components that are hardwearing and environmentally friendly.


One Case, Many Uses

Positioned horizontally or vertically on the desktop, Anywhere Case provides a convenient and unobtrusive space to arrange stationery, notepads, business cards, paperwork and documents, enabling the user to work in a compact, efficient and effective manner, anywhere.


Ideal for desktop organisation Anywhere Case used horizontally helps the user maintain any clear desk policies employed in the workplace. Small stationery items and business cards can be secured in the elastic straps in the lid section, while the top `shelf` section is useful for resting keys, mobile devices and other small items. When used in this position the deep lower level is ideal for organising paperwork, documents and notepads.


Used vertically, Anywhere Case allows easy access to paperwork and larger documents while the lower section can be used to prop up small notepads, display tablet devices, or used as a tray to allow easy access to smaller items.

Design story

Herman Miller understand that the workplace is changing. As nomadic or activity based working increases and new technologies are embraced, a new set of tools are required. The Anywhere Case allows the worker of today the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, whilst always having the essentials at hand.

The Anywhere Case was developed as both a response to, and a catalyst for change, in the workplace by Craig Jones Design. The products design utilises two well established manufacturing techniques (compression and injection moulding) and combines them in an unconventional way to create a new workplace product type. As a product the concept is disarmingly simple, but behind that simplicity is a bigger story.

As the workspace becomes more fluid and we move from the traditional fixed working environments to spaces that are flexible, and encourage you to work in different settings, having the right tools to support this movement has become essential. The Anywhere Case with its compact and practical design is an ideal work tool to help support this movement from work task to work setting whilst always ensuring the essential tools are on hand to get the job done.