The tablet mount monitor arm attachment allows correct height and angle placement to minimise eye strain.

Tablet Mount

Product Story

The Tablet Mount moves mobile technology off the work surface, placing it at the correct height and angle to minimise eye strain, and uses a locking mechanism to secure it when you step away from your desk. It effortlessly rotates between portrait and landscape orientations so that you can adjust your screen exactly how you want.

Table Mount

Attaches Quickly and Easily

Once you`ve installed the Tablet Mount - a process which takes a matter of seconds - tablet users can come and go freely, supporting their technology with an intuitive quick-release bracket. The solution is compatible with most Herman Miller monitor supports, including Flo, Flo Dual, Flo Modular, Wishbone, Wishbone Plus and Daisyone.

Table Mount

Supports Your Mobile Device

This attachment holds every generation of the iPad or Xoom in a position that`s easy on your body and eyes.