Ergonomics Performance Specialists

Research Ergonomics is a core component of our approach. When designing or building a project we always take in consideration the paradigm of physical, cognitive and social ergonomics in order to provide a solution that will make your people happier, healthier and, ultimately, more productive.

We invite you to read our latest materials and discover the knowledge and insights that lead to problem-solving, human-centred designs.

 Living Well: An Environment Where Athletes and Employees Can Thrive
Fortius Sport & Health has created a purpose-built home for a world-class team of sport and exercise-medicine practitioners. With the goal of optimizing human performance for life, the facility is designed to foster integration, collaboration, and innovation.
The Importance of Moving as a Natural Part of the Workday
The ideal landscape of the workplace naturally affords people choice among a variety of postures.
Supporting the Spine When Seated
How the Mirra 2 chair supports the entire spine and naturally mirrors the leaning and turning motions of the sitter.
All Together Now
When work isn’t working, the problem often lies in the space itself. To create the best ideas, people need workplaces where every element is working in concert to fulfill their needs and enable their best work.
The Evolution of Anthropometrics and User Control
How the Mirra 2 chair achieves a single flexible fit design that does not sacrifice comfort.
Supporting the Biomechanics of Movement
How the Harmonic Tilts are designed to echo, or mirror, the natural pivot points of the human body.
The Art and Science of Pressure Distribution
How a chair can be designed so that the sitter's body, not the chair, determines peak pressure areas.
The Attributes of Thermal Comfort
How a seating surface material that allows heat and moisture to disperse through it is said to "breathe."
The Case for Task Lighting
How individual control of personal lighting saves money and your eyes.
Sitting Can Be Good for the Circulatory System
How the Embody chair lowers heart rate because of its flexible back, Pixelated Support system, and three-zone tilt.
Seeing Double: The Effects of Multiple Monitors on Productivity
How adjustable monitor arms give control over multiple screens so people are both productive and comfortable.
The Eyes Always Win
How monitor arms with a full range of adjustment let the person position the screen so that it's always at the height, distance, and angle for focusing.
Maintaining Concordance as Seated Postures Change
How the Envelop desk allows person, chair, surface, and technology to remain in healthy alignment.
The Kinematics of Sitting
How the Aeron chair provides support that nests the sacral-pelvic area and a tilt action that echoes body mechanics.
The Anthropometrics of Fit
How the Aeron chair's three sizes and accommodating seat and backrest material provide a personal fit for any individual.
The Benefits of Pelvic Stabilization
How the Aeron chair's back support comfortably sustains the pelvis in its natural forward tilt in upright postures.
Promoting Healthy Movement and Natural Alignment
How the Embody tilt, building on earlier Herman Miller innovations, helps people work healthier.
Improving Oxygen Flow While Seated
How the Embody chair promotes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body's tissues.