QualiTest DC RO
Turn-key project
Location: Globalworth Square building
Interior designer: Workspace Studio
Surface: 2500 mp
Project implementation: Workspace Studio
Completion date: May 2022

Globalworth Square is the first office building from Globalworth’s portfolio that produces energy - it has obtained a 99 % score BREEAM accreditation. Moreover, it is the location of a new Workspace Studio design and built project.

Starting from 2019, with its emergence on the Romanian market, the Qualitest group has contracted our services for Design & Build for their office space which set the standards for their office spaces worldwide.

Following the success of Qualitest’s last 3 years, in 2022 the company needed a new space to extend their business – doubling their current office surface. Needless to say, based on our past collaboration they have selected us to design and build their new office space. In the context of Covid pandemic and post-pandemic, the office space had to encourage the employees to return to work.

Workspace Studio’s proposal, reflects, on one side a calm, serene and optimistic setting: gray neutral background expressed by the IVC carpet floor tile weave and the industrial ceiling is only interrupted by color accents that are meant to functionally delineate the space, thus allowing the user to easily navigate the office.

Common areas - 3 cafeterias, relax areas and a generous outdoor terrace are some of the highlights of the project – spaces that are very well received after the post-pandemic period.

Our approach was a consultative design centered on user needs but also on a good understanding of the socio-economic context. These were the ingredients that led to another extraordinary design and build project.