The Sense desk is a fresh look at simple flexibility and makes good sense for today's complex, ever-changing office environments.

Sense Desking System

Product Story

This system of simple, spacious work surfaces makes good sense for today's complex, ever-changing office environments. You can put together a single desk, a cluster or a run without using a single tool.

When your needs change, as they always do, you can reconfigure the desks quickly and easily. We think that Sense is a fresh look at simple flexibility.

Sense Desking System

Instant Flexibility

Everyone knows that in today's office, flexibility is as basic as computers and coffee. Without it, your business won't be able to adapt.

Sense is a linear way to plan that can suit your needs today and carry you into the future. Change layouts, add or move desks, take down, rebuild. With nothing but your own two hands and your vision.

Sense Desking System

It's a Snap

Forget the drills and screwdrivers. You can lock, click or snap Sense components and accessories together in just seconds, with no tools. Not one.

The few simple steps to assemble desks are effortless and reduce workplace disruption, which saves you time and money. You can configure a work area at the end of the day for a fresh start in the morning.

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Adaptable Simplicity

Your possibilities are unlimited. With the desks, tables, returns and useful accessories - such as privacy panels, cable baskets, trays and shelves - Sense helps you to create complete work areas that help move work forward.

With simple adjustable legs, desk heights adapt easily from 61 to 84 cm to accommodate different users.

The system lets you change a space to suit a new occupant or a whole new department.

Create the configuration that's right for you today - A straight line of desks? A cluster? Desks across from each other? - and change it tomorrow.

Sense Desking System

Fresh Aesthetic

The extensive array of textile accent colours, veneers, laminates and finish choices makes for a clean, fresh look. Along with accessories, it's another way in which Sense lets you personalise your work area.


Design story

Like many leading designers of modern office furniture, Switzerland-based designer Daniel Korb started his professional career as an architect. As he broadened his interests in design and communication, the intersection of these disciplines resulted in some interesting ideas and smarter products.

Korb + Korb - the design firm he founded with his wife, Susan, in 1989 - has become synonymous with simple and intuitive design. The Korbs' take on design attracted our attention and led to the aptly named Sense, in which all components are assembled by snapping, twisting and locking, and without using a single tool. It's the ideal solution for the ever-changing modern office.