The Meridian storage cabinet divides space, defines walkways and is ideal for centralised, high-volume, readily accessible filing areas.

Meridian Storage

Product Story

It`s easy to think of filing and storage as little more than boxes. We believe they should work harder-so we think about those boxes in new ways.

We think around the box-with storage pieces that invite workers to gather, interact and plug in.

We think on the box-with cushioned tops that turn places to store into places where colleagues can sit and collaborate.

And we think inside the box-with files that hold more, stack up, and open from either side, making the most of every square foot of your space.

With Meridian, you can store more, stack high, stay organized, and give people a place to gather, share and connect.

Meridian Storage

Gather, Share, Connect

Collaboration within individual and community spaces leads to innovation and new ideas. Meridian group furniture and powered storage creates these spaces with stackable components that support impromptu meetings and casual gatherings.

Maximise your space with modular storage pieces that define walkways, set boundaries, provide power and offer short-term seating. Durable surfaces provide room for laptops and lattes too.

Meridian Storage

Lateral and Vertical Files

Meridian stackable lateral and vertical files are ideal for centralised, high-volume, readily accessible filing areas. They can divide space, define walkways and set boundaries. And because they are modular and even reversible, a three-high today can become a five-high tomorrow with very little effort. Need to rescale or repurpose, swap modules or rearrange them? Removable mechanical fasteners make it easy to reconfigure files.

Modules are available in many sizes and configurations to meet your specific storage requirements. Extra-capacity laterals hold 18% more files, reducing the amount of floor space devoted to storage.



Storage cases: give you secure individual workstation storage or shared storage in team and collaborative areas. Meridian's many sizes, heights and widths mean you can design the right storage for every space. With or without doors; hinged doors open to 110 degrees; all shelves are adjustable. A cushion makes a storage case double as a place to sit.

Stackable storage cabinets: modular building blocks that stack one-, two- or three-high. Build a comprehensive solution to replace multiple storage pieces in a workstation. Perfect for almost everything - books, manuals, laptops, briefcases - that people need in their workstations.

Meridian Storage

Meridian Quality

Full-frame steel construction. Full-extension steel ball bearing slides on units with drawers, along with positive interlock, so that only one drawer can be opened at a time; inner drawer front and double-wall drawer construction for long-term durability.