Turn-key fit out solutions

Moving to a new office or refurbishing the existing one implies a variety of works that overlap in a sometimes not so orderly fashion; multiple subcontractors, tight deadlines, unexpected pressures on budget – we can help you forget about that by providing a “one stop” turn-key solution. We’ll do the construction and mechanical and electrical works,  flooring,  glazed partitions, furniture, blinds, signage, accessories and anything necessary for you to have an ideal office. 

Besides benefiting from our professional client centered approach that will take you through design, ergonomics and sustainability in a turn-key fashion you will have clear advantages in doing your design and build project with Workspace Studio:

Personalized solution – each client and project are unique. From design to technical solutions everything will be fitted with your own special requirements.

Single source of accountability – We will take full responsibility for  everything. There will be no ambiguities that may arise between different subcontractors or material and construction specifications. Quality control is guaranteed. Our success as a company is the success of your project and that tells you all there is to know.

Enhanced communication – You will have a dedicated project director that will team up with you and our design and construction experts to ensure all potential problems are tackled before having any consequences and all solutions are optimized to the maximum.

Budget management – Budget is clear from the beginning and no nasty surprises are possible.  Once you have decided on the solution and budget  all the project costs are clearly defined and controlled – it’s our full responsibility to complete the project according to the scope of works and yours to enjoy the result.

Faster project completion –  There is never time to lose and we are the first to understand this.  A turn-key fit-out with us will guarantee you the fastest project completion possible.