Stem collaborative furniture places storage at the heart of working environments as it divides, connects, stores and saves, making space work harder.

Stem Storage

Product Story

An office should meet the needs of the individuals who work there, and support the different activities they undertake. In the new landscape of work, agile working and collaboration are increasing. But people still need somewhere to put their professional and personal belongings. Stem is designed to fulfil these needs. It connects seamlessly to all of our furniture systems, bringing together flexible workspaces and a clever storage solution.

Stem Storage

Diverse Design

Stem`s building blocks allow every unit to be connected, configured, and reconfigured as your business evolves. A wide range of colours, materials, and finishes, and a choice of unit tops, back panels, and door options ensure Stem`s place in your office is far more than just storage. It becomes part of the wider landscape, supporting the diverse activities that are taking place there.

Stem Storage

Seamless Integration

By working effortlessly with our other products, Stem brings together desking, storage, and technology in one complete solution. It can be placed at the centre of a floor plan allowing everything else to grow from it. Its modular structure and intelligent engineering foster solutions that are imaginative yet practical.

Stem Storage

Focused and Flexible

Use Stem to create a range of workspaces within the office environment-from individual settings for focused work to collaborative areas for group tasks. Stem can grow organically to accommodate the changing needs of your organisation.


Design story

Herman Miller has been researching and designing products for the workplace for almost 100 years. Over that time, we have gained much insight into what people need around them to make work more efficient, more collaborative, and more comfortable. Since the introduction of the Executive Office Group, the first ever `systems` furniture in 1944, Herman Miller has been responding to the changing needs of people at work.

As the demands we place on the workplace increase, every element of the working environment needs to support the way we work more efficiently. And storage is no exception.

In thinking about storage, our goal was to make the space work harder, for both the organisation and the individual. We achieved this by using `systems` furniture thinking to provide a solution which is multifunctional and can be completely integrated.

Stem was developed in the UK by our International Research and Development team.