The Noguchi Rudder accent table stands on two chrome hairpin legs and one in wood reminiscent of a ship’s rudder.

Noguchi Rudder Table

Noguchi Rudder Coffee Table

An updated archival piece from 1949, the Noguchi Rudder Table is a sculptural and deceptively simple coffee table designed by Isamu Noguchi. It stands on two chrome hairpin legs and one in wood reminiscent of a ship`s rudder. Graceful and visually light, the table has Trivalent chrome steel legs that offer a pleasing contrast to the natural look of the rudder and top - available in walnut, ebony on maple or white ash finish options.


Design story

Sculptural Delight

The Noguchi Rudder Table is both surface and sculpture. Its
asymmetrical yet balanced composition marries nature with industry,
beauty with function. The shape of its veneered top and the combination
of metal and wood legs are true to Noguchi`s original design. Two subtle metal hairpin legs suggest the top rests on the rudder-shaped leg, lending a visual lightness and grace to the whole.

Organic Form

Much like the designer`s iconic glass-topped table, the Rudder Coffee
Table exemplifies Noguchi`s skilful use of deceptively simple organic
forms to create highly functional and beautiful furniture. Designed in 1944 and introduced for sale in 1949, the Rudder series originally included coffee and dining height tables, as well as stools. To distinguish this authentic reproduction, we have etched Noguchi's signature on a medallion affixed to the underside of the top.